2019 Community Grants Announced

The votes are in!! We are so pleased to inform you that the membership has selected the following  five Community Grant winners.

  • Lime Foundation
  • PDI Surgery Center
  • Russian River Keeper
  • The Living Room
  • Women’s Recovery Services

148 ballots were received out of a possible 177 which is fantastic.  This year we had an 84% participation rate, a significant increase! Thanks to all of you who voted.

The $10,000 grant awards will be presented by committee members to the recipients in own June 24th from 5-7PM at the general membership meeting to be held at the Scottish Rite Temple, 600 Acacia Lane, Santa Rosa. The 2018 recipients will also be in attendance to provide an update. As always, there will also be time to meet and mingle with fellow members and representatives from the 10 non-profits.

In our fourth year, the Community Grants Committee continues to find the awarding of grants to be challenging, illuminating, and mostly rewarding. Our smaller grants are the perfect complement to the focal Impact Grant.

A debt of gratitude goes to the following committee members who thoughtfully evaluated all 28 proposals: Helen Berg, Ina Chun, Lynn Davis, Marion Dutra, Mary Farha, Anne Fitzgerald, Susan Gustavson, Jennifer Girvin, Jeanette Herring, Marsha Jacobs, Debra Marzak, Megan Murphy, Mary Poe, Stephanie Poley, Mary Radu, Sharon Robison, Robin Seltzer, and Marion Weinreb

Chris Chang Weeks and Carol Newman

Community Grant Co-Chairs

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