The Impact Grant Committee is excited to announce to you the names of the three finalists. This was a difficult process as all the proposals this year were superb.  We have included below a short summary of each finalist’s proposal (written by the nonprofits) but we STRONGLY encourage you to attend the Annual Meeting on November 9th and hear them for yourself.  The 250 word summary does not convey the passion these agencies have for their projects in the same way that hearing them present in person does.

You should have already received an invitation to the Annual Meeting:

Saturday, November 9th
9:00AM – 12 noon
Charlie’s Restaurant at the Windsor Golf Club 1320 19th Hole Drive

By October 22nd you will receive a memo outlining the three options for exercising your right to vote for the winner of the Impact Grant. These are:

1. In person vote: As we said, we encourage you to attend the meeting.  If you have RSVPed that you will be there, your ballot will be given to you when you arrive at Charlie’s.

2. Email absentee vote: If you are unable to attend the meeting to cast your ballot, you can cast it via email by following the directions in the email announcing the finalists.You must reply to that message with your vote no later than 6PM on November 7th. 

3. Proxy vote: If you prefer to have another member vote for you in person on November 9th, then follow the directions in the email announcing the finalists. You must provide this information to us no later than 6PM on November 7th. 

Summaries from the Impact Grant Finalists (listed in alphabetical order)


Forget Me Not Children’s Services helps children ages 3-18 who are victims of horrific abuse and neglect heal from trauma through animal/horticultural-assisted therapeutic interventions. Our evidence-based Farm Therapy Program, located on a 3-acre farm sanctuary and vegetable garden in Santa Rosa, helps young trauma survivors, 60% of whom suffer from physical or emotional disabilities, develop respect for all life forms and create a compassionate way of behaving and relating to others that is the antithesis of their painful life experiences.
Our Therapy Program serves 280 low-income children suffering from extreme trauma. Your funding and partnership will allow us to expand our program to serve an additional 100 children from the Roseland School District. Sonoma County’s child welfare officials have determined that these elementary school children need our therapeutic program to help them heal from trauma inflicted by their gang-impacted neighborhoods, the devastation of family separation, the unconscionable realities of human trafficking, and the ongoing reality of post fire recovery. Our trained staff and committed volunteers will help these young children manage their suffering through weekly therapeutic sessions that involve feeding, grooming, and walking rescued farm animals and working in our garden to plant and harvest vegetables, prepare food made from the organic vegetables they grow, and organize boxes of produce for them to take home to enjoy with their families. Our expectation is that by providing animal/horticultural-assisted therapy for these children now, we can help them overcome the negative impacts of trauma and guide them toward a successful future. https://forgetmenotfarm.org/



Santa Rosa Community Health (SRCH) is proposing to use the Impact 100 RC funding to implement an innovative, evidence-based program called Centering Pregnancy at our newly re-built Vista Campus that was destroyed in the fires of 2017.
As part of our comprehensive services to low-income women, SRCH provides full-scope obstetric care to more than 700 women each year. This includes prenatal care, delivery, and post-partum care. The model of Centering Pregnancy is based on a program designed and researched by the Centering Healthcare Institute that provides prenatal care in a supportive group setting. It moves the health care experience from 15-minute appointments to two-hour group appointments with up to ten couples and/or individuals in each group. Women of similar gestation meet regularly to receive medical care, health education, share concerns, and support each other. Patients also receive one-on-one time with their provider and learn to participate in their health assessments. The same group of women meet throughout their pregnancy and post-partum, forming long-term bonds and community support that last.
Our goal is to develop a prenatal program for low-income women that supports their healthy pregnancy, birth, infant bonding, and breastfeeding that results in long-term benefits for the whole family. In addition to improving birth outcomes for SRCH pregnant women it will improve health literacy about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infant care, strengthen pregnant women’s empowerment, and self-efficacy with respect to their health and the health of their children, and strengthen pregnant women’s engagement in a supportive community and sense of belonging.


For almost 50 years, Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) has been the recognized leader in serving homeless, disconnected, and at-risk youth in Sonoma County. We focus on the most vulnerable youth and families—those who fall through the cracks—and provide support, opportunities, and hope through crisis stabilization, housing, counseling, and career services.
SAY is asking Impact 100 Redwood Circle to help us reach the most agonizingly vulnerable young people in our community: youth victims of sex trafficking. As a founding member of the Sonoma County Human Trafficking Task Force, our staff have the knowledge to identify and support victims — but we are only one organization, with funding largely dedicated to supporting victims after we have found them. This grant would allow us to build a curriculum and train 300 front-line service providers (e.g. ER nurses, police officers, hotel staff) who have the rare opportunity to interact with victims despite the isolating measures traffickers take. Through this program, we would be able to turn these interactions from lost opportunities into chances for freedom. In the truest sense, that is what the success of this project is based on: the number of young people who escape sexual slavery for a life of freedom and independence. If you can help us find them, we are ready and able to help them through the long and difficult process of recovery.  You can find out more about our programs at our website: www.saysc.org

Again, we hope to see you ALL on November 9th…one of the highlights of the year for Impact 100 Redwood Circle members! 

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