A Message to Our Members from Our Executive Committee

Over the past few weeks we have been angered and saddened by the recent events

Right to left:Suzy Marzalek, Jan Gilman, Laurie White, Sharon Beckman, Jenny Downing, Carol Lynn Wood

across our country.  We are grieving. We have been reading, researching, talking, protesting and listening to others. It is safe to say in one way or another, we have all reacted.

As Impact 100 RC ’s Executive Committee we want to better understand what this means to our organization and our mission. Our governance documents state that our grants are awarded based upon the quality and impact of the program they are delivering. We encourage members to search far afield to make nominations for our grants. We seek to welcome all members of all demographics into our circle. But we feel this is not enough.

We would like to form a small study group to explore the issue of inclusion in our membership and in our granting process. Some of this work will be uncomfortable but we pledge to listen, learn and create a process that encourages different perspectives. As in any exploration, we do not know what we will find or what the outcomes will be.

If you are interested in joining such a group, please let us know at Impact100executive@gmail.com. We will continue to update you. Together we can and will make a difference.

Your Executive Committee

Jan Gilman and Suzy Marzalek, Co-President

Carol Lynn Wood, Vice President, Governance

Sharon Beckman, Vice President, Nominating

Laurie White, Secretary

Jenny Downing, Treasurer

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