Community Grants – Listing of Grants Given

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Below is a list of the grants given each year. Also listed are the nonprofits (nominated by members) who submitted applications, cleared the vetting process, and met all our grant criteria as determined by the Community Grants Committee.



The Community Grant will fund natural protein-sourced diets for baby birds in our care, increasing these diets to 95% of their food in order to shorten hospital stays, improve development, and increase survival rates. Natural proteins directly correlate to improved development during this critical growth phase. Patient records will track and measure results against previous years. As you read this, the first babies of Baby Bird Season 2020 are already with us. They are tiny, eyes still closed, helpless and hungry. These are the baby hummingbirds. Weighing no more than a nickel, they require feeding every 15-30 minutes for 12 hours each day. Dedicated staff take them home each night to ensure their survival. Once May arrives, we’ll be at full capacity through September. From songbirds to raptors, our hospital will be filled with hundreds of mouths begging to be fed, all with unique dietary requirements. With studies confirming 70%-80% of birds are threatened with extinction, our work is vital and so is your involvement. Almost three billion birds in North America have disappeared over the last 50 years. Birds are essential to the health of our environment and recovery of ecosystems after wildfire. The grant will support our life-saving work.


Each summer for the past ten years, Burbank Housing and the Redwood Empire Food Bank have provided free lunches to children at many of our affordable housing communities. This year, we are hoping to expand our scope of service. This grant would make it possible to contract with the Sonoma County Library’s Youth Services Department to plan and implement an 8-week enrichment program. This program would run concurrently with the summer lunch programs at each of our seven 2020 summer lunch sites. The programming will be a mix of academic enrichment, arts & crafts and social-emotional development activities. Adding the library’s summer enrichment programming will increase participation in the summer lunch program and combat summer learning loss.

We will quantify this increase in impact through daily attendance reviews and participant surveys. Summer hunger and academic loss affect many children in Sonoma County but low-income families such as those that live in our affordable housing communities are especially vulnerable. This partnership will provide food and enrichment activities to over 700 children in Sonoma County while also giving them the opportunity to find out more about the Sonoma County library system and the myriad resources it offers to their entire family.

F.I.S.H. (Friends in Service Here) of Santa Rosa

F.I.S.H. of the Santa Rosa Area, Inc. (F.I.S.H.) seeks $10,000 in funding from Impact 100 for Food Purchases from the Redwood Empire Food Bank. F.I.S.H. feeds the hungry of Sonoma County. Operating the largest and oldest (founded in 1972) independent, emergency free food pantry in the County, a 100% volunteer team (including E.D.) of fifty provides nutritious food to the needy.

The most accessible food pantry in the County, F.I.S.H. opens five days/week. Client privacy and dignity is ensured by asking no questions: no proof of income/residence is required. Food staples are purchased from the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB), the North Bay purchaser of bulk commodities and thereby the least expensive source available to food pantries. Additional food comes from local retailers who donate perishables picked up daily by volunteers. A network of partner agencies helps REFB distribute food. F.I.S.H. is the most referred food pantry from REFB to inquiries from hungry people due to accessibility and lack of limitations to qualify. In 2019 F.I.S.H. served 73,077 people. A 10% increase in clients in 2020 is projected based on growth in the last two years. If F.I.S.H. meets demand, F.I.S.H. will help decrease food insecurity in Santa Rosa.


Our organization provides healthcare to more than 1,500 low-income clients annually. In addition to essential primary care, we offer specialty programs that are responsive to emergent needs within our client population, including mental health, resource and referral case management, acupuncture, women’s health, pre-employment/school physicals, and service learning.

Funds are urgently needed to continue to make these services accessible to underserved adults and children. Grant funds would be used to purchase women’s health and acupuncture supplies, to cover lab costs, professional in-services, outreach, and a portion of administrative oversight for our specialty programs. Since 100% of all direct services are provided by volunteers, whose only compensation is the knowledge that others have benefited from their care, financial support from this grant would be matched and multiplied through the in-kind contributions of our providers and healthcare workers. The impact of grant funding will be 100 women’s health exams, 250 mental health visits, 150 acupuncture sessions, more than 300 work/school physicals, resource and referral case management for 80% of clients, and placement for more than 50 healthcare students. It takes a village, and financial support from Impact 100 will ensure that we can provide specialty care to our community’s most vulnerable residents.


“Each time a girl opens a book and reads a womanless history, she learns she is worthless.” – Dr. Myra Pollack Sadke

Female historical figures and artists are underrepresented in our schools, museums, and society at large. 2020 marks the centennial of the ratification of the 19th amendment which guaranteed women the right to vote. In honor of this anniversary, and to reverse historical and modern trends, we will present a yearlong slate of exhibitions and programs celebrating the contributions of women. The exhibitions include: From Suffrage to #MeToo: Groundbreaking Women in Sonoma County; Waves: Feminism, Art, and Power. Recognizing the achievements of women in all facets of life has a huge impact on the development of self-respect for girls and young women.

Through outreach and partnerships with schools and community groups, our exhibitions and related education programs will create greater awareness of the role of women in regional history and art. We will use attendance, membership, and donation reports as well as visitor surveys to measure our impact and success. The Impact 100 grant will provide necessary funding to expand participation and ensure the greatest community impact for people of all ages and backgrounds.



The greatest reductions in homeless populations are in areas with established homeless healthcare and housing services. Conversely, areas of the county with little services, including North County, homeless numbers increase. Due to the acuteness of their condition, this population often resists housing opportunities thereby creating more homelessness. We need your help to stop this trend. Our agency offers the only Street Medicine team in Sonoma county.

We provide medical/mental health support to approximately 250 of the most vulnerable people in the north county.. Our team goes directly to the encampments to provide critical care and build relationships with people who are distrustful of institutionalized medicine. We track our progress through the county’s information software and are required to report achievement of goals on a quarterly basis. We use a 22-year-old van with 175,000 miles on it. Your grant (in conjunction with other funds) will purchase a van we can use as an offsite medical/mental health office to provide confidentiality and a safe place for medication management and medically assisted treatments. If we provide this type of care, more people will seek housing. Without it, more people will die. Simply stated, your grant will save lives.



Foster youth face several barriers on the pathway to completing their college education. In addition to dealing with situational trauma, these students struggle with finding safe and affordable housing and often deal with transportation challenges and food insecurity. The Bear Cub Scholars Program provides services to current or former foster youth attending Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC), offering specialized academic counseling, financial assistance, and educational resources to encourage a successful college experience.

The Impact 100 Grant will provide for some of the students’ basic needs with grocery store gift cards, gas gift cards and emergency funding related to housing, food, transportation and utility and/or medical bills. Ultimately, it will allow more students to pass their classes and complete their educational goals in a timely manner when combined with our existing support services, making them more likely to become self-sufficient and positive long-term contributors to our community. Outcomes will be measured by the number of students served, number of units taken, and time to complete certificate/degree and/or transfer.


Verity seeks a $10,000 Impact 100 Redwood Circle grant to support a mental health outreach program that will assist survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking heal from trauma-related symptoms.

Outreach will bring trauma informed alternative healing modalities and individual and group therapy to residential treatment centers such as Athena House and Women’s Recovery Services, homeless shelters such as Manna House and The Rose, and organizations such as VOICES and the Living Room. Substance and alcohol abuse and homelessness are co-occurring disorders that are known to emanate from the long-lasting effects of sexual violence. Alternative healing helps survivors develop coping skills to manage or control trauma-symptoms such as PTSD, anxiety and stress and complements individual and group therapy so that survivors heal from the devastating mental health consequences resulting from sexual violence.

The impact of alternative healing is measured by individual and group participant feedback on the effectiveness of coping skills, peer to peer recommendations, instructor observation, and subsequent requests for individual therapy. Outcome measurement of therapeutic treatment (6 weeks of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is accomplished through formal measurement tools and a client survey that compares the survivor’s original goals and objectives to her/ his perceived progress towards recovery.

Nominees 2020 – A Theatre for Children, Audubon Canyon Ranch, First 5 – Avance Sonoma County,Center for Social and Environmental Stewardship, Community Action Partnership of Sonoma County, Community Child Care Council (4C’s), Community Matters, Compassion Without Borders, Creative Sonoma, Food for Thought, Friends of the Petaluma River, Girls on the Run, Girl Scouts of N. California, Healthcare Foundation of Northern Sonoma County, Interfaith Sustainable Food Collaborative, Kid Street Learning Center, Laguna Foundation, New Ways to Work, Paws as Loving Support, (PALS), PEP Housing, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, River to Coast Children’s Services, Safe Ag. Safe Schools, Sonoma Bach, Sonoma County Black Forum, Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, Support Our Students (SOS) Counseling, The Santa Rosa Arts Center, West Santa Rosa Local Action Inc: Multicultural Preschool, Windsor Services Alliance



The grant funded NextGen Trades Academy program that annually serves up to 85 disadvantaged youth, ages 16-24, by providing introductory construction training, career preparedness skills and employment opportunities in Sonoma County.


The grant helped PDI Surgery Center treat approximately 53 low-income children with severe tooth decay, and reduce dental decay with prevention education, support in accessing health insurance, and promotion of oral health.


Russian Riverkeeper used the $10,000 to purchase a used 34-ton diesel truck for Clean River Alliance staff to haul trash from the river and other sites to disposal. They had secured $27,540 and needed the additional $10,000 to purchase a truck that can haul up to 6,500 pounds of trash per load with their dump trailer.


The Living Room serves homeless women and children. The grant was used to add more toilets in their bathroom, and therefore help more women who visit their facility. The grant covered the materials, labor and permits while The Living Room worked with a local contractor who helped modify the bathroom.


The grant focuses on addicted mothers and their children. WRS supports vulnerable young women and children, treats their addiction, and guides the women’s recovery and care for their children. Women are helped to find stable housing with their children, pursue education and find jobs.

Nominees 2019 – Audobon Canyon Ranch, Artstart, Brush Creek Montessori School, Cinnabar Theater, Compassion Without Borders, Conservation Action Fund for Education, Conservation Corps, Corazon Healdsburg, Free to Be, Green Music Center, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Landpaths, Legal Aid of Sonoma County, LifeWorks, LiteracyWorks Center, Lomi School Foundation, Luther Burbank Center for the Arts, NAMI Sonoma County, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, Paws as Loving Support Assistance, PDI Surgery Center, Point Blue Conservation Science, Rebuilding Together Petaluma, Redwood Empire Food Bank, Russian RiverKeeper, Sebastopol Area Senior Center, Shakti Rising, Sonoma Co. Chapter Girls on the Run, Sonoma County Philharmonic, The Bird Rescue Center, The Friends of the Petaluma River, The Lime Foundation, The Living Room, Weaving Earth, Welfare League, Women’s Recovery Services.


CATHOLIC CHARITIES will provide culturally sensitive emergency outreach assistance to help immigrant victims of violent crimes come out of the shadows and seek justice.

CHILDRENS MUSEUM OF SONOMA COUNTY will provide hands-on, science-related learning and creative expression for children ages 10 and under through a new, Outdoor Learning Lab.

ROSELAND COMMUNITY PREP CHARTER SCHOOL will provide essential college preparation experiences for students and their families, including college campus tours, adult mentors for juniors and seniors, and parent education workshops.

SANTA ROSA JUNIOR COLLEGE FOUNDATION – CHILDREN’S CENTER will provide infant/toddler and preschool children of disadvantaged SRJC students with healthy meals to help minimize their food insecurity.

SANTA ROSA SYMPHONY YOUTH EDUCATION PROGRAM “Simply Strings” will provide after-school music education to children in the Roseland area to foster academic success, emotional health, and prosocial skills.

Nominees 2018 – Alexander Valley Film Society, Catholic Charities, Children’s Museum, Conservation Corps North Bay, Face 2 Face, Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, Green Dog Rescue Project, Healdsburg Jazz Festival, Healthcare Foundation, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Land Paths, Latino Service Providers, Lifeworks of Sonoma County, Luther Burbank Memorial Foundation, Matrix Parent Network, Mentor Me, North Bay Organizing Project, On The Move, Roseland Charter School, Santa Rosa Symphony, School Garden Network, Sonoma County Rises, SRJC Foundation – Children’s Center, Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, The College Tee Project, West County Health Centers, Women’s Recovery Services, YWCA


ARTSTART will offer art classes as a shared experience for foster children and their Court Appointed Special Advocates

CERES COMMUNITY PROJECT will complete the installation of a 1/3 acre vegetable garden at the SAY Dream Center in Santa Rosa

CLEAN RIVER ALLIANCE will expand its program to teach homeless people clean camping skills and trash removal while keeping the Russian River clean

THE LIVING ROOM will provide 600 food-to-go meals, and simple cooking classes, to homeless women and children in Sonoma County

PDI SURGERY CENTER will distribute 3,460 oral health kits, and essential information about dental care and services, to low-income families in Sonoma County

Nominees 2017 – Alexander Valley Film Society, Alzheimer’s Association, ArtStart, Bergin University of Canine Studies, Cal Alum Club of Oakmont, Ceres Community Project, Child Parent Institute,  Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, Chops, Clean River Alliance, Community Action Partnership (Sloan House), Community Child Care Council of Sonoma County, Community Housing Sonoma County, Daily Acts, Dogwood Animal Rescue, Laguna de Santa Rosa, Law Enforcement Chaplaincy Service, Lifeworks of Sonoma County, Mentor Me, New Horizon School and Learning Center, North Bay Letterpress Arts, North Bay Organizing Project, PDI Surgery Center, Raises Collective, Restorative Resources (Guerneville Schools Project), Rincon Valley Education Foundation, Roseland Collegiate Prep, Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital (Cancer Survivorship Program), Sonoma County Trails Council, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, Sonoma Humane Society, The Living Room, Village Network of Petaluma, Wine Country Arts Council, Women’s Recovery Services, YWCA


  1. Community Support Network’s Sanctuary House – extend the contract of the counselor working with the young adults at the sanctuary house. These young adults are homeless and/or transitioning from foster care.
  2. PALS (Paws as Loving Support) assistance dog program – work with at-risk youth at Journey High teaching them to train service dogs for children with disabilities.
  3. Sonoma County Public Library Foundation’s free bookmobile – increase service of the bookmobile by putting it on the road more often thus increasing the populations served
  4. SRJC Foundation’s HEP (High School Diploma) program – provide parking permits and bookstore vouchers to students so that they can continue their schooling
  5. UC Cooperative Extension Sonoma’s food recovery coalition – develop a food recovery directory and a food waste awareness campaign

Nominees 2016 – 6th Street Playhouse, 10,000 Degrees, ArtStart, Belos Cavalos, Bergin University of Canine Studies, Boost-United Cerebral Palsy North Bay, Cal Alumni Club, Chops Teen Club, Chrysalis, Community Support Network, Compassion without Borders, Congregation Beth Ami – Community Nursery School, Council on Aging, Daily Acts, Down Syndrome Association, Earle Baum Center, F.I.S.H., Free Bookmobile – Sonoma County Library Foundation, Listening for a Change, Living Room, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens Association, Matsuri Festival, North Bay Organizing Project, Paws as Loving Support (PALS), Pony Express, Petaluma Small Craft Center (River Town Racers), School Garden Network, Sonoma County Medical Association Alliance Foundation, Santa Rosa Junior College Foundation, University of California – Food Recovery Coalition