Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mission of Impact 100 Redwood Circle?
How does it work?
What is the purpose of Impact 100 Redwood Circle?
What other services does the Community Foundation provide to Impact 100 RC?


How much does it cost to join Impact 100 Redwood Circle?
What is the deadline for joining?
What if I can’t contribute $1,000 a year?
What is the expected time commitment from members?


What is the leadership structure for Impact 100 Redwood Circle?
What committees are there?


How are grant awards decided?
Who serves on the Grant Committee?
What types of organizations are eligible to be nominated for a grant?
What can the grants be used for and what can’t they be used for?
What about members who might have a conflict of interest because they are employed by, volunteer for, or support a grant applicant?


If I want to help with an event or activity but do not have time to join a committee, may I get involved that way?
If I have an idea for an educational program or event, how do I make that known?
If I want to know something about Impact 100RC, how do I make my interest known?