Administrative Fee Increase Effective January 1, 2020

Your Leadership Team is currently developing our administrative budget for 2020. This budget is funded by your annual “Admin Fee” donation. The Admin Fee pays for the many costs of running Impact 100 Redwood Circle. In case you are wondering, the admin fees cover our quarterly meetings, Cocktails and Conversation, New Member orientations, third party fees for using our communication software, administering the web site, and committee supplies. As you may know, we are a volunteer run organization. But even with the hard work of our volunteers, we incur significant costs. In the past, some of our members have paid out of pocket to support their committee activities. Now, as we mature as an organization, we discourage them from doing so as it is not a sustainable practice for larger organizations. In addition, we have lost access to the use of the Scottish Rite facility because of their change of ownership earlier this year. This necessitated moving to a more costly venue.


We now find ourselves with a pretty significant budget gap. Therefore, effective January 1, 2020, we must increase our annual Admin Fee to $100 per person.  This applies to both individual and each dyad member. But even this increase won’t keep us “out of the red”. Be assured your Leadership Team is working on ways to boost income and cut expenses. We will do everything we can to minimize any negative impact on the experiences you have with Impact 100. We welcome any suggestions you might have for balancing our budget.

Thank you all for your continued support for our organization … and rest assured that 100% of your $1000 grant donation will continue to go to the grant fund for distribution to our community which is the most important reason for being a member of Impact 100 Redwood Circle.


Jan Gilman and Suzy Marzelak,  Co-presidents 2020

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