Food for Thought Requests Help to Write Holiday Cards – Time Sensitive

Time Sensitive Request from Food for Thought

We have requests for holiday help from our former Impact grant winners. As you can imagine, being alone and in need during the holiday is very hard for folks who have struggled all this year. If you can help, please read the requests and follow the instructions they have sent to us.

Their request is for help writing holiday cards to clients of FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Typically, the holiday season is a time of year when their regular clients who are food recipients with chronic illness can come together at Food For Thought to enjoy some holiday-themed hot lunches and each other’s company. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this will not be the case this holiday season as they must receive their groceries through home delivery or curbside pick-up. In an effort to share some cheer, Food For Thought would like our help writing holiday cards for these clients who are alone at home.

They will supply a sample message and then address and mail the envelopes to the recipients to maintain confidentiality. Members can supply their own holiday cards or pick up blank cards at the Food for Thought office in Forestville. They have approximately 200 cards that they would like to get in the mail by December 10.

If you would like to help or want more information, please contact:

Helen Myers
Volunteer Program Manager

707-887-1647 ext 103