Grant Application and Selection Processes


The application process consists of the steps described below.  The dates and deadlines referenced below for the yearly grant cycle are available HERE.  All Application Forms are available HERE.

  1. Impact 100 Redwood Circle members are asked to nominate organizations/programs for consideration for the Impact Grant.
  2. Those nominated are screened to ensure they are 501(c)(3) organizations and meet the minimum criteria
  3. Each nominated organization will be invited to submit a Letter of Intent (Click HERE for form).
  4. Impact Grant Committee members will review and score all LOI based on criteria created by the Committee in advance of the review and approved by the Leadership Team.
  5. Impact Grant applicants selected to move forward will be invited to submit a Full Proposal Application (FPA).
  6. Impact Grant Committee members will review and score all FPA based on criteria created by the Committee in advance of the review and approved by the Leadership Team.  Based on these scores, the Impact Grant Committee determines which applicants will be selected for site visits.
  7. All applicants will be notified via email if they are to continue to the next step in the selection process.
  8. Members of the Impact Grant Committee conduct site visits for each of the semi-finalists.
  9. Based on these visits and prior assessment of the LOI and FPA, finalists are selected and announced to the general membership prior to the annual meeting
  10. Finalists make a presentation to all members at the annual meeting
  11. All Impact 100 Redwood Circle members attending the annual meeting will vote in person at the meeting. Those not able to attend may vote in advance by email or assign a proxy to vote in her behalf.
  12. Vote results will be announced at the Impact 100 Redwood Circle annual meeting and the award will be made to the recipient at that time.

Grant Recipient Obligations:

  1. The nonprofit organization awarded a grant is required to complete the Impact Grant Agreement Form prior to fund distribution. Funds will be disbursed in full once the Agreement has been signed. Impact Grant funds will be disbursed over 24 months or as needed and according to the schedule submitted by the grantee as described in the Grant Agreement.
  2. Reports are due to Impact 100 Redwood Circle on a semi-annual basis, per the Grant Agreement. When the program is complete, or funds are fully expended, the grantee must also submit a final report.



Application Process:

  1. The Impact 100 Leadership Team determines if monies are available for Community Grants and the amount to be disbursed.
  2. The Community Grants Committee determines number of grants and grant amounts for the current year.
  3. Members of Impact 100 Redwood Circle nominate non-profit organizations and programs for Community Grants. Applicants must be nominated.
  4. All qualifying nominee organizations are emailed an Invitation to Apply for Grant letter.
  5. The Community Grant Committee reviews and ranks applications according to established criteria. The top 10 finalists are selected.
  6. A summary of the top 10 proposals is sent to Impact 100’s full membership with a ballot.
  7. Members vote via email to determine the awardees.
  8. Awards are announced to the full membership and grantees. The award check is delivered to each grantee by the Impact member who nominated the non-profit and a Community Grant Committee member.
  9. Grantees are invited to attend an awards event to be recognized by the full membership.

Grantee obligation:

Grant recipients provide a grant report/summary at the completion of their project/program.