Impact Grant Frequently Asked Questions

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Do we need to define the target population to be served by our proposed program/project?
Will there be more than one Impact Grant given?
May we apply even if we do not need the full $100,000?
May we apply if we need more than $100, 000 in order to implement our program/project?
What percentage of the Impact Grant can be used for administrative purposes?
Does our organization have to be included in Upstream Investments and other community initiatives in order to participate in the Impact 100 RC grant cycle?
How will the monies be distributed if we win the Impact Grant?
Will we continue to work with members of the Impact 100 RC organization after the granting of the Impact Grant?
Will we be asked to recognize and acknowledge Impact 100 Redwood Circle as donors in all brochures, newsletters, and on our website and to assist in media coverage?
Will Impact 100 Redwood Circle consider a grant request that is for collaboration on a program/project?
What if my nonprofit is not able to provide prepared financial statements in time for the application deadline?
What if a larger parent organization creates all the financial statements for multiple smaller units of the nonprofit, and we do not have financial statements for our local unit?
Is it necessary to mail the two (2) hard-copies to the LOI via registered mail?
Does the nonprofit need to reference specific LOI or FPA questions in the text of the narrative response portion of the LOI, of can the letter be freely written as long as it answers the question?
What is the two-year time frame of Impact Grant monies disbursement for the recipient agency?
Will the nonprofit be disqualified for the impact 100 Redwood Circle grant if it serves the entire Sonoma County, including the area serviced by Impact 100 Sonoma?