Impact 100 RC Grant Overview

CRITERIAImpact 100 Redwood Circle funds transformational proposals/projects in the areas of the arts/culture, education, health/community betterment and environment/parks/sustainability/recreation to create a lasting and significant and lasting difference in the lives of those in our community.

Impact 100 Redwood Circle awards one Impact $100,000 Grant per year. Currently, we limit the grant applications to those organizations that are nominated by our members. Organization select the focus areas to which the proposal best aligns.  However, the focus area is not a factor in the selection of the best proposals to go forward to the membership for selection.

The $100,000 Impact Grant can be spent over two years.  Each proposal is reviewed as described below. Grants may be awarded only for capital items that support the specified proposal/project. We do not fund capital or endowment campaigns.

The Impact Grant can fund an existing program, expansion of an existing program, or a new program/project. Included are grants for planning as well as for testing a new idea or a proven successful program.

The entire Impact Grant Committee reviews Letters of Intent (LOI), followed by Full Proposals (FPAs), with a review of the financials by the Financial Review Committee.  The Grant Committee invites selected semi-finalists to attend a Question and Answer session.  At the end of this process, all Impact Grant Committee members meet to select a slate of 3 finalists to present to the members at the Impact 100 Redwood Circle Annual Meeting for their vote.