Get Involved – Join a Committee or Serve on the Leadership Team

Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Handling and resolving sensitive and/or confidential issues (such as grievances or ethics concerns)
  • Overseeing Standing Committees
    • Approving Standing Committee charters
    • Ensuring Standing Committees are fulfilling their charters
    • Advising and approving the appointment of (co)Chairs by the President
  • Chartering and overseeing task forces or other ad hoc committees
  • Conducting business as delegated by the Leadership Team
  • Ensuring that best practices in women’s philanthropic giving are incorporated


Composition of the Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is comprised of the following officers:

  • President –Directs the Leadership Team, presides over Leadership Team meetings, corresponds with membership, and ensures members are apprised of the significant issues and activities of the organization. Presides at the Annual Meeting and other member meetings.  Appoints Committee (co)Chairs with the approval of the Executive Committee. Serves as ex-officio member of all committees.  Serves as primary liaison to the Community Foundation of Sonoma County.
    For questions and more info, email:
  • First Vice President – Leads meetings in the absence of the President and oversees the governance function of the organization (policies, rules, and regulations). Ensures an annual review of the Policies and Practices document is performed. May also chair new initiatives or one-time projects.
  • Nominating Vice President – Oversees leadership succession planning and development to ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. Develops strategies and activities to identify and promote future leaders.  Works closely with Committee (co)Chairs on succession planning and development. Forms the Nominating Committee immediately after taking office and chairs the committee’s activities.
  • Secretary – Creates and posts minutes of all Leadership Team meetings, ensuring action items are well documented.  Corresponds on behalf of the organization as appropriate.  Oversees record retention of important documents (including committee records).  Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Treasurer -Oversees and reports on the financial health of the organization, including development and observation of financial policies and procedures. Serves as liaison to the Community Foundation Sonoma County, monitoring fund balances and managing expenditures from the operational fund account. Recommends amount available annually for grants.  Recommends the annual budget for operational funds. Keeps the membership and leadership informed of key financial status, trends, and issues via periodic reports and/or presentations.  Presents summary of the organization’s financial status to the membership at fiscal year-end.
    For questions and more info, email:
  • Internal Communication Coordinator – Responsible for managing, monitoring, and coordinating the organization’s email communication. Oversees and updates the membership roster in coordination with Community Foundation Sonoma County, Treasurer, and Membership Committee. Works in close liaison with Education & Events, Grants, Marketing, and Membership committees to send their emails to membership and non-profits in a timely manner. Works closely with Grant Committee for receipt, documentation, and distribution of non-profit electronic applications to Dropbox. Keeps the leadership informed of RSVPs to events and communications received ensuring for informed decision-making.

Standing Committees

Ongoing operations and activities are conducted through Standing Committees.  Standing Committees are chartered by the Executive Committee of Officers in response to the evolving organizational needs of Impact 100 RC. Any member is eligible to serve on any Standing Committee.

Standing Committee (co)Chairs are appointed by the President, upon the advice and approval of the Executive Committee. Committees are responsible for developing and carrying out their charters and work plans, and for conducting periodic self-assessments.   On an annual basis, the President will review the committee self-assessments and progress against their goals.

(Co)Chairs coordinate and communicate the activities and decisions of their respective committees, ensuring that the Leadership Team is apprised of significant issues and policy concerns, communicating relevant committee information to membership, actively recruiting committee membership, and submitting their calendar of critical dates to the master calendar.

Committee Descriptions