Get Involved – Join a Committee or Serve on the Leadership Team


  • President – Responsible for establishing the overall vision and strategic direction for the organization, directing the Leadership Team, including co-chairs of each committee, organizing monthly Leadership Team meetings (creating agenda, running meetings), writing email messages to membership, presenting at each member meeting, conferring on a regular basis with individual Leadership Team members, and planning and problem solving as needed. Ensures, with the Leadership Team, that the organization’s activities are consistent with the values and goals of the organization.
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  • Vice President – Responsible for leading meetings in the absence of the President and for serving as the chair of the Governance Committee (responsible for the policies, rules, and regulations of the organization) and the Nominating Committee. May also chair new initiatives or one-time projects.
  • Secretary – Responsible for creating and posting minutes of all Leadership Team meetings, ensuring action items are well documented.
  • Treasurer – Responsible for managing the financial health of the organization. Oversees the development and observation of financial policies. Develops the annual budget for operational funds. Works closely with Community Foundation Sonoma County to monitor fund balances and manage operational fund account.   Keeps the membership and leadership informed of key financial status, trends, and issues. Ensures membership and leadership have the financial information necessary for informed decision-making.
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  • Internal Communication Coordinator – Responsible for managing, monitoring, and coordinating the organization’s email communication. Oversees and updates the membership roster in coordination with Community Foundation Sonoma County, Treasurer, and Membership Committee. Works in close liaison with Education & Events, Grants, Marketing, and Membership committees to send their emails to membership and non-profits in a timely manner. Works closely with Grant Committee for receipt, documentation, and distribution of non-profit electronic applications to Dropbox. Keeps the leadership informed of RSVPs to events and communications received ensuring for informed decision-making.

Committee Chairs

  • Nominating Committee – Responsible for creating a slate of members for the Leadership Team to be ratified by the membership

Impact 100 Redwood Circle Committees 

  • Impact 100 RC Grant Committee– There are several subcommittees under the grant committee including subcommittees to create and review the Letter of Inquiry, the Full Proposal Application, and the site visit process. Members may also choose to serve on the finance subcommittee to assess the financial status of applicants. The time commitment varies but is most intense from November through May.
  • Impact 100 RC Community Grants Committee– This is a new committee, which will create the format and processes for Community Grants.
  • Liaison Committee – Committee members will work with the agency awarded an annual grant to ensure successful implementation of the funded project. Examples of committee activities may include attending events and activities at the agency’s site, mentoring agency staff, or helping to create networking opportunities for the agency.
  • Membership Committee– All committee members are expected to participate in registering and welcoming members to all events. Members may also host house parties and participate in other initiatives to attract and retain members.
  • Events and Education Committee– All members assist in the various responsibilities required to put on the 3-5 events held each year for the members. This might include everything from procuring food, wine, decorations, sound equipment and venues, running a slide show, taking photos or videos, or washing dishes.
  • Marketing Committee– Members might be responsible for creating or updating web content, creating and maintaining our presence on Facebook, creating a bi-monthly e-newsletter, writing press releases and other activities to ensure Impact 100 RC is known in the community.
  • Nominating Committee– Responsible for creating a slate of members for the Leadership Team to be ratified by the membership.
  • Governance Committee– Responsible for reviewing current precedents,
    practices, and procedures and creating a set of policies and practices for Impact 100 RC. This is a new committee. Chaired by Vice President.