Read About Impact 100 Redwood Circle in the Press Democrat!

Dear Impact 100 Redwood Circle Members,

On behalf of our Marketing Committee, we are very proud to share today’s article that appeared in the Press Democrat featuring Impact100RC’s $100,000 grant to Food For Thought

Chris Smith is a treasured columnist for the PD where his coverage of Impact 100 Redwood Circle is written in his unique and familiar style.  It’s also a very generous article providing historical background on the Impact 100 model, including important nods to our sister chapter (Sonoma Valley) and our inaugural 2016 grant to Voices.  Chris even managed to mention of our community grant focus as well.  We couldn’t be more pleased with how Impact 100 Redwood Circle is positioned in this expansive 2-page story.

Finally, your “Marcom” team has more good news to share—the release of our 2017 video from the May 6, 2017, Impact Grant award meeting is right around the corner.  So stay tuned for more exciting news from the marketing team.

Jan Houts

Co-Chair, Marketing

Gayle Holste

Co-Chair, Marketing

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